Change, Fear and Hope!

Change, Fear and Hope! These three words are what many of us experience as every new September approaches. It could be the beginning of a new job, a retirement or sending your child off on their new journey of school.

Emotions at this time of year can also run high. We are all challenged to take up the cross and trust in God. It is not for us to know God’s plan, however it is for us to believe that in these difficult moments of change, God is with us.

Change is often never easy. With change we can be consumed by the fear of the unknown or even hope for a better future. It is the moments like this where family, friends and community matter most. We all have that same duty to help our fellow man through their moments of change as well.

There is no better time than September to explore new opportunities. It is a time to give of ourselves and allow our neighbor the chance to also live their lives to the fullest. I put a challenge forward to each of us; that we seek out a chance to give of ourselves fully and freely without the expectation of reward. The actual reward is the emotion we can feel by performing this duty. This is surely to be the feeling of walking with Jesus.

When we all took our various degrees we each committed to the lesson of that degree. We are now sent out to be leaders, help our fellow man and in return help ourselves on that journey of the great reward.

‘Help one another. This is what Jesus teaches us.
This is what I do. And I do it with my heart.’
To young inmates at a penitential institute,
Pope Francis

Grand Knight Scott Arnold