November Message

In my first quarter as your Grand Knight, I have become overjoyed with my witness to each of you, our members. So often when a need comes forward, our members step into action. I have personally been able to witness this in my role, on the front lines.

One of the most beautiful gifts we give to others is our time. Often this is done with much sacrifice. Sacrifice from our own desires and sacrifice from family and friends. Each of you, are a beautiful witness to God’s love for fellow man.

With all these good words, I must pause however, to stress the importance of never giving up hope. Often we can get so buried in our efforts, we can lose track of the key goals of our tasks. There are many different approaches to achieve goals. It is almost a human nature to be solely focused on our own personal opinions, leaving us blind to the ideas or opinions of others.

The world we live in is ever changing. For us to work with change, it requires that we open our eyes, ears and heart. When our various committees gather, it is imperative we structure ourselves for healthy debate to achieve a common goal.

Our council is alive, vibrant and energetic. We have a weapon of Unity and Fraternity. The more members we engage to reach our goals, the greater the result. It is our duty to stay connected to fellow Brothers, especially, those we do not often see. Have you sponsored a member in the past? Are you still in contact with that individual? Take a moment and reaffirm your commitment as a sponsor. Remember this duty is more than putting your name on a Form 100.

Again I leave you with another quote.

Jesus teaches us another way. Go out. Go out and share
your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go
out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as
well as spirit.

Pope Francis

Grand Knight Scott Arnold