March Message

 “Jesus did not preach his own politics: he accompanied others. The conversions he inspired took place precisely because of his willingness to accompany, which makes us all brothers and children and not members of an NGO or proselytes of some multinational company.”
Pope Francis

     The duty of the Grand Knight is to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork in the council. It is also noted that the Grand Knight is responsible for observing the laws of the Order and Council.

Throughout my term as your Grand Knight so far, I have found it better to open my eyes, ears and heart to our members. I have most importantly gained the knowledge that we will have differences of opinions from time to time. I must ensure that an atmosphere of cooperation is maintained even with those differences. I can do this with the knowledge that each of our members truly upholds the values of our principles in their own hearts.

I have come to learn that my personal feelings and emotions must be weighed against and with, the majority of our council. This will ensure that a spirit of unity is maintained as one of our core principles.

We have a diverse council. We are made up of sons, fathers, grandfathers, uncles and most importantly brothers. We became Knights because of our Catholic faith and union with the Holy Sea.

I stand tall and proud of our accomplishments. I understand that when difficult decisions are needed, they will be made based on the principles and laws of our Order. As quoted from Pope Francis ‘Jesus did not preach his own politics he accompanied others’.

Vivat Jesus!
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight