May Message

There are so many good things to report in this bulletin, as I complete
my first term as your Grand Knight. I would like to begin however by
humbly thanking each you, my Brother Knights for the experience,
friendship and support given to me over this past year.

As I write this I am freshly home from the State Convention. For those
who have attended Conventions from the past you will understand
when I say ‘what a great networking experience’. As the
representative of our Council I was both honored and proud to share
with other provincial councils what we do. At the same time I was
given the opportunity to listen to what they do. Ah, Brothers the ideas
are flowing!

Many of the areas I have spoken on over the past year, all made
sense for me, after listening to other District Deputies and Grand
Knights. A few years ago when I was your Membership Director I
developed a Membership plan. That plan is only as good as when we
look at it. I know now that for our Council to grow, for our Order to
grow we must continue to build on the roots of the Knights of
Columbus and show that we are for and about the Family. Being for
the family means we must refresh the work to encourage fine young
Practical Catholic gentlemen to join our good works. As quoted from
Pope Francis:
Old age is the seat of the wisdom of life. Let’s donate this to the
young, like good wine that gets better with the years. Let’s give the
young the wisdom of life.
Pope Francis

We have much to be proud of throughout our Council’s history and
this year is no different. At the state convention Council 9652 was
recognized with Silver Trillium award. The criteria for this award can
be viewed at
The second achievement is an Honourable mention plaque for the
best Bulletin award. Words cannot express how deserving our worthy
recorder is of this great accomplishment. Congratulations Brother
Aubert, your work truly makes our Council shine.

Whether I am re-elected as your Grand Knight in the next year or not,
I will continue in whatever capacity I can to encourage new and
refreshing steps to ensure growth. It would also be a goal to reinforce
our very Principles which will always guide us on the right track.
On that note, I encourage all our members to become active in
choosing the next Executive for 2014/2015. If you are unable to
attend the Nomination evening on May 06, I would ask that you
consider either putting your name or another Brother’s name forward
for any of the open Executive positions including Grand Knight.
Elections will be held on June 3rd.

Another upcoming event to look to is the March for Life in Ottawa
which will take place May 8th. I would encourage all available
members, friends and family to catch any of the various buses
heading to Ottawa and support this worthwhile cause for the Culture
of Life. Large numbers are noticed, few not so much!

We have many good things happening which will be reported on
throughout this newsletter. I challenge each of us to use our gifts God
has given us, join the forces at work and make our Council stronger
and forever better by sharing those gifts.

One final reminder, as in the past our June meeting will be Election
night, however it will also be our member recognition and thank you
night. Consider coming out that evening with the usual mix of Pizza,
comradeship and fun.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight