July Message

I wish to take this moment to thank each of you who voted for me to remain as your Grand Knight for a second term. I do not take this task lightly and have been able to use this past year as a year to observe the overall activities and jobs within our ranks. I cannot say enough about the hard working members we have. There are many who answer to the needs of our Council without hesitation and with a true and humble spirit. There are also those who do the same outside of our council and parish, and do so, silently without any recognition.

Our Council is like the ‘sleeping giant’. It is just waiting to be stirred and awakened into full Unity and Fraternity to do good works in the fields of Charity within our parish and the greater community. As a member of our Council we each have a duty to listen to our individual call to service.

Often we allow our busy lives to push away that call. This may happen due to the influences of those in our personal lives or sometimes it is easier to deafen the call as it sometimes takes work and energy to even listen. How do we fix this? The answer I believe can be different for each of us, however there is one common denominator to guide us, and that is prayer. I am presently reading a book titled ‘Four signs of a Dynamic Catholic’ by Matthew Kelly. In this book the author speaks of a need for us to work on our personal daily prayer. I would like to challenge each of our members to find just five minutes each day over the summer to pray for our own personal spiritual growth. The difficulty can be, how do I pray? I would suggest beginning in a quiet location without the influence of noise and just listen to God. Eventually the words of wisdom will flow.

If we can each commit to this, I am convinced we will enter the fall witnessing a renewed Council unlike anything we have seen throughout our 26 year history. I would like to invite each you to make an effort to come out to our July 8th general meeting. You will be introduced to the new executive and appointed directors. I also will be sharing my Vision for our council with an interactive approach.  Remember we all have a call, what will be yours?

Vivat Jesus,

Scott Arnold
Grand Knight