November Message


As you are all aware by now, over the past year many of my words have been themed around a direction to motivate us all into action.

We are a diverse group of Catholic Gentlemen. We carry different, personalities, different interests and more importantly different reasons for being a Knight. With that being said it can also be stated that not one of us should ever feel guilt for not participating in our programs.

Being a Knight should and can be a lifetime commitment. Each of us experience moments in our personnel lives that keep us away from participation. That is completely, respected and understood. My message to you however is that participation comes in many forms. It can be assisting the planning of an event, helping at an event or just showing up to enjoy the event.

My dream for all who read this is that somewhere throughout the year, one event will hold enough curiosity and interest that you and maybe even your family will freely participate. Throughout the newsletter you will see upcoming events reported on. Consider one to come out to. From special Masses, to dinners, to special events, there are many areas where we would like to celebrate the gifts and talents God has given us.

If you do come out re-introduce yourself, and we will do the same. Remember mostly, you are a brother who is loved and appreciated no matter where you are in your stage of life.

In closing, I wish you all a joyous Advent season and I will continue to pray for peace in your lives and your families.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight