September Message

September/October Newsletter Report

I decided that this message would be less about motivating and more about Protocol. I have experienced over my last two terms many, many good things. It would however be wrong of me, if I did not mention, that there have also been very low points, which cause much grief and concern, not only for myself as your chosen leader, but for the very members involved.

I am most concerned when I witness or hear things that need to ‘be put in check’. You have often read in my messages about coming back out to the various degrees and re-witness them. I say this because, for me it is like coming back to Mass, week after week. I or should I say we, need to be re-filled. We are all human; we all carry our own forms of weaknesses. Remember mostly we are broken and require repair work to keep us well tuned. Kind of like a car, right!

After having spent the last two terms as your Grand Knight, I can now reflect on the challenge to balance the needs of our membership. At the same time, ensuring Programs move forward in order to re-enforce the principles of our Order. I am also of the belief that each member enters into an organization, like the Knights of Columbus with every good intention of their heart. To say anything else would be slanderous in its very nature.

With all this being said, as your Grand Knight, I ask you consider the advice, passed onto me by our Worthy Advocate. To sum it up in one word, it is ‘RESPECT’.

= Relationship with all

= Everyone counts

= Support our members

= Please and thank you

E= Encourage and motivate

= Care for our members

= Treat members as God asks us to ‘love our neighbour’

I encourage each member to know who the various Directors and Chairs are. If you are unsure, ask me or our Financial Secretary. Treat each of them with RESPECT, and remember many Directors have been appointed by me. So not respecting them, in return is not respecting your Grand Knight.

If we all follow this simple measure of Protocol, I am sure, with all certainty that we as a Council will uphold the Mission bestowed onto us. Remember, mostly why you became a Knight. Our teamwork will reinforce our Principles.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight