November Message

‘A church that limits itself to just carrying out administrative duties, caring for it’s tiny flock, is a church that in the long run will get sick.’
Pope Francis

The above quote can most certainly open a good and reasonable dialogue, and this in itself is positive and good. However turning positive dialogue into an action plan is another thing all together.

As many of you are already aware, our parish is entering into ‘uncharted waters’. A firm decision has been made to sponsor a refugee family. Having made a decision like this most certainly ensures as a Parish we are willing to take a risk to ensure we will not ‘get sick’.

Recently, I had been asked to send out a request of needs in three areas to our members. Firstly, that we pray for the needed support and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, explore ways for our Council to support this refugee family. Finally, explore and ask individual Knights and their families how they can assist.

Over the coming month, I intend to strike a committee to explore the second and third needs request. However, for now I will leave you with a special prayer, that each of us should become familiar with to help guide us on this journey.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight


Prayer for Ministry in Support of Refugees
St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Kingston, ON

We remember the Holy Family
who were themselves refugees.

We remember the words of Jesus.
“Love one another as I have loved you.”

We listen to Pope Francis calling us to have open
hearts for all people beginning with the poor and suffering.

We listen to the words of St. Teresa of Avila,
that we must be the hands and feet of Christ on this earth.

As we prepare to pray we commit ourselves to
welcoming and supporting a family of refugees torn
from their home, their families and everything familiar.

Merciful Father,
Open our hearts to receive and embrace refugees
as our sisters and brothers in whose faces we see
the face of your Son Jesus. Help them find with us a
new home and new hope as did the Holy Family in
Nazareth. Guide our work and bring us together in
peace, in justice and in love through Christ our Lord.