Renewal and Hope

I would like to begin by wishing each of you, your families and friends a Happy New Year.

Two words come to mind as we embark on this journey through 2016. Firstly, RENEWAL is a word that requires action. Put aside the topic of resolutions and instead let us think RENEWAL. Each of us in our own personal journey, are continually invited to explore and strengthen our faith. Making efforts to get back to our core virtues will truly define who we are and where we are going. The result of this action will allow us to be a key ingredient in an overall recipe to renew the world.

The second word that comes to my mind is HOPE. Without HOPE we have nothing, to offer others and ourselves. Dreams are quashed and our RENEWAL will be left with little purpose. History can show and demonstrate how HOPE is key to moving towards God’s unconditional love. With the embrace of this love, evil in our world will always loose the war.

We here at St. Paul the Apostle Parish are a shining example of how RENEWAL and HOPE are expressed in an effective way. Whether it be sponsoring a Refugee family or increasing our efforts to ensure the wider community is always welcome in our Parish, to attend events or even Mass. This action gives cause and reason to show each individual how RENEWAL and HOPE can change their lives and the world we live in.

In conclusion, I ask each of us to pause and define what a RENEWAL can do for us in 2016. Explore the many opportunities offered at St. Paul the Apostle parish or where ever you may be throughout the coming year. Bring these tools and lessons back into our personal lives and our Council and I assure you that together we will all change the world.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight