A Time of Change

After an uneventful summer, the pace of Council activities picks up, and with it the need for members to get involved. September is a time of many changes. For many families this includes a first day at school, first day of university or college often away from home.

Along with changes come challenges, personal and otherwise. At our Council level, we are heading into what is arguably the busiest time of our fraternal year.

We have many different programs that run practically at the same time, and as always we need feet on the ground to make these things happen. Please give some thought to the calls for help that will come from our various program leaders.

We have:

  • a Holy Family Icon travelling through the area
  • a Parish Pub Night and a Spaghetti Supper coming up
  • the Nativity Exhibition and the Nativity Scene for the church
  • the State Charities Raffle
  • the Keep Christ in Christmas card sales

. . . the list goes on.

We are looking for volunteers, yes, and we are looking for three Activities Directors as well: Family, Community and Culture of Life. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a Director for our Council, please let me know.

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight