A trial and a blessing

Hello Brother Knights.

Well, March is here, and we have come full circle on COVID-19. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but it’s still a long tunnel. This year has been both a trial and a blessing. Everybody knows the trials this year has presented, isolation at home, loss of security, missing friends and family, tired of seeing the inside walls or our own little homes. But there is also great blessing in our trials. We have seen people rally to help others all over the place. We have established a new live-stream capability at our masses. This will help many shut-ins to still attend mass, long after we stop needing to isolate because of COVID. Baptisms and Funerals can now be attended by far away relatives and friends who otherwise could not be here with us.

Our Council 9652, has risen to the challenge and we have not missed a meeting this year but we did have to switch quickly to doing our meetings virtually. Our on-line zoom meetings have been a lot of fun and a great relief from the monotony of staring at our own four walls. It has been so good to see the faces of friends, brother knights, fellow social-distancers. We have shared many a laugh and gotten serious work done too. I am blessed to be a member of such a good council. Our meetings are still at the usual times, Last Tuesday of the month is our Planning meeting, where we set the agenda and work through the details for the coming general meeting, the first Tuesday of the month. Both meetings are at 7:00 pm on the respective Tuesdays and both can be found on Zoom using the Meeting ID: 948 3988 0913 and Passcode: 834615. If you don’t have a computer, tablet or smart-phone, you can call into the meeting using 1 613 209 3054. Then, you can type in the same Meeting ID and passcode and you will be able to join into our discussions, our work and our fun.

This lent, have you made it to confession? I know that sometimes it may feel like a chore and there are times when I shy away from confession, particularly when I have something to confess that I’m particularly not proud of. I have been able to attend about once a month for the past while and It has been such a relief each time I do. This past confession, Fr Shawn caught me off guard. I was leading up to confession a certain sin and I said something like “I’m feeling pretty bummed right now…”. He interrupted me and said (with a humorous tone in his voice). “You know that’s a sin too!” Great! I had not even started my confessions and I had already ‘fessed up to another sin I didn’t even realize was one. Fr. Shawn explained that despair means we are not trusting in the Lord. It means we don’t have faith in those moments. We read about Abraham in the readings on the Second Sunday of Lent. Abraham must have had some internal misgivings when he led his only son Isaac to the high mountain because he had been told to sacrifice him as a burnt offering. What kind of thoughts went through his head? Yet, despite the almost inevitable misgivings about the mission, he headed out with his son, made the altar and was fully prepared to carry it out, Knowing that somehow, God would make it right. Are we so sure that God can make things right for us? Are we willing to have faith in the Lord that will sustain us in our times of doubt and fears. This year has certainly put that kind of faith to the test for me. Yet, I know God is here with me now. I know he will be there for you all too.

God bless everyone and Good spring (Lent).

Vivat Jesus!

Michael Mombourquette
Grand Knight