We Remember

kofc_horizontal _logo      We Remember our Deceased Brother Knights  

  Darcy Finnerty 1988   Bryson Hughes 2010
  Jerry Brown 1989   Cecil Bucci 2010
  Robert Lyman 1995   Bernard Killoran 2011
  Greg Perris 1996   Thomas Reader 2011
  Mark Collins 1998   John Martin 2012
  Andre Sequin 1999   Andy Nicholson 2013
  Harold Forbes 2000   John Rebelo 2013
  Kevin Wells 2000   Donald Halladay 2013
  Neil Hubbard 2002   Tim Culleton 2014
  Dermot Gillespie 2002   Melbourne “Mel” Kealey 2014
  John Hill 2002   Donald Doherty 2015
  Vincent O’Hagen 2004   Tony Vella 2015
  Elzeard Yantha 2004   Jose Masucol 2016
  Frederick Gallagher 2005   Andrew Kearns 2016
  Ernest “Irish” Creelman 2006   Jacobus “Jake” Oostrom 2016
  Herbert Murray 2006   John Hickey  2016
  Thomas Neville 2006   Omer Guertin 2017
  Willebrond “Bill” Groten 2006   John  Golemiec 2017
  Anthony Holmgren 2006   Thomas Lodge 2017
  Frank Desgranges 2007   Gordon Costello 2018
  Robert McGlashan 2008   Terrence “Terry” Finn 2019
  Edward Norquay 2008   Thomas Penning 2019
  Wilfrid Chainey 2008   Michael Beeman  2019
  Frank Reinholz 2009   Larry J.W. Raycroft 2019
  Arthur Arsenault 2010   John Gallant 2020
  Jozef Kowalik 2010   Paul Michiels 2021
  William McDonald 2010   J. Lionel Byrne 2021
        Michele “Mike” Boffa 2021

Loving and merciful God,
we entrust those who have died to your mercy.
You loved them greatly in this life:
now that they are freed from all its cares,
give them happiness and peace for ever.

The old order has passed away:
welcome them now into paradise
where there will be no more sorrow,
no more weeping or pain,
but only peace and joy
with Jesus your Son,
and the Holy Spirit
for ever and ever.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.