Our Council Officers

Supreme Chaplain Holy Father Venerable Michael McGivney
Patrick E. Kelly
Supreme Knight
William E. Lori
Supreme Chaplin
His Holiness
Pope Francis
Michael J. McGivney

Council Officers for the Fraternal Year 2020-2021

Marcel Lemmen Al DeBenedetti
Marcel Lemmen
State Deputy
SK Al DeBenedetti
District Deputy

Elected Officers

Grand Knight Br. Michael Mombourquette gk@kofc9652.com
Deputy Grand Knight Br. Troy Roques dgk@kofc9652.com
Chancellor Br. James Ford chancellor@kofc9652.com
Recorder Br. David Caracciolo recorder@kofc9652.com
Treasurer Br. Christopher Huff treasurer@kofc9652.com
Advocate Br. Howard Gallivan advocate@kofc9652.com
Warden Br. Shaun Tymchuk warden@kofc9652.com
Inside Guard Br. Glen Perry iguard@kofc9652.com
Outside Guard Br. Pat Laverty oguard@kofc9652.com
Trustee 3 Year Br. Ryan Polywkan tr3@kofc9652.com
Trustee 2 Year Br. Garry Davis tr2@kofc9652.com
Trustee 1 Year Br. William Coppens tr1@kofc9652.com

Appointed Officers

Chaplain Father Sebastian Amato chaplain@kofc9652.com
Financial Secretary Br. Ray Smith finsec@kofc9652.com
Lecturer  Br. Garry Davis lecturer@kofc9652.com

Special Appointments

Past Grand Knight Br. Ray Smith  
Captain, Degree Team To be appointed.  

Council Program Directors Appointed

Program Director Br. Troy Roques  
Membership Director To be appointed. membership@kofc9652.com
Faith Director Br. Howard Gallivan  
Family Director Br. Andrew Sutton  
Community Director Br. Shaun Tymchuk  
Life Director Br. David Caracciolo  

Council Special Duties

Fraternal Advisor Br. Stephen Henderson  stephen.henderson@kofc.org
Newsletter Editor Br. Aubert Pereira  
Photographers Br. Fred Happy  
  Br. Hank Noonan  
Seminarian Liason To be appointed.  
Webmaster   webmaster@kofc9652.com