Brother Knights,

Terry Finn is coordinating the revival of the Squires, and sends the message below for your information






Esto Dignus (Be worthy) 

Terry Finn
cell    (613) 483 1517

A New Fraternal Year Begins

As I humbly enter into the role of your Grand Knight, I am left honored, excited, confused and most importantly hopeful.

Firstly, I am honored because I often look around at our gatherings and question how it is you chose me. There are so many other worthy and capable men in our Council. I also, in comparison to many, am so new to our Order. With all these thoughts aside however, I must tell you that it is my intent to serve you with grace, respect and brotherly love.

Secondly, I am excited with our future. With strong membership numbers, it is clear we have so much potential and resources. Over the summer I will consult with as many of our Past Grand Knights as possible. It is my desire to have a clear understanding of the last 25 years. As a Council, we cannot look into the future without first reviewing and understanding the past. This is like our toolbox full of information and knowledge.

On a final note, I must also say, I am confused. However my confusion is surrounded with hope. My confusion is about, how we forget some of the lessons given to us in our various degrees. I encourage all of us to refresh ourselves on a continual basis by attending a degree when you can. This is good for us as much as it is supporting our candidates. Our Order should be able to grow naturally, if we as Knights make strong efforts to live out our Principles, at the same time acknowledging we are all sinners. This model will be a true force to be reckoned with.

As an executive we will be calling on all of you over the summer. There are many good things in the works, stayed tuned, be ready, and most importantly remember why you joined the Knights in the first place. There will be something for each of us coming up in our good works.

I leave you with this final quote.

‘Pay attention my young friends: to go against the current; this is good for the heart, but we need courage to swim against the tide. … We Christians were not chosen by the lord for little things; push onwards towards the highest principles. Stake your lives on noble ideals, my dear young people!’
        Pope Francis, April 28th, 2013

Grand Knight Scott Arnold


Warden Election

It saddens us to report that our newly elected Warden Br. Neil Hill has had to reconsider his ability to perform the duties as Warden.  Br. Neil has relayed the message that if he cannot give 110% to a job he would rather step aside. For this honesty he is to be commended.

As a result, through our Grand Knight we will open Nominations through an alert to the general membership with the goal of electing a new Warden on June 4th at our Regular Business Meeting.

Nominations should be directed to OUR Worthy Grand Knight Terry Finn either through e-mail at or by phone at 613-483-1517.


March for Life, May 9th – Message from Canadian Bishops

Brother Knights,
A note below from Br. David Caracciolo about the vigil on Mon 6th March and the March for Life on Thurs. 9th March.  Please note that our Council is sponsoring a bus to Ottawa on the 9th, leaving from St. Paul’s at 9:30 am.
Hello, brother Knights.Just a quick note to invite you to attend two Pro-Life activities that our council is sponsoring in May:

Vigil for Life and Family – Mon May 6th, 7:00pm, at St. Paul’s: in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Knights invite all to join us in prayer.

There will be one hour of Eucharistic Adoration followed by Benediction.

March for Life, Ottawa – Thur May 9th, 9:30am, from St. Paul’s – please sign up by calling David (384-9623), or after Mass on Apr 27-28.

Our Canadian Bishops are promoting this here:
Canadian Bishops’ pro-life office pens powerful pitch to promote March for Life 2013


Br. David

Dedication and Commitment During this “Year of Faith”

As our fraternal year comes to a close (June 30th) along with my tenure as your Grand Knight, I remain in awe by all the volunteer work our Knights and their families do in support of, our fundraising events, in our Knights of Columbus activities and charities and general support to our community. Beyond this support there are Knights and their Families who very quietly go about doing Charitable works without any recognition what so ever, working in the soup kitchens of our Foodbank – St. Vincent de Paul, visiting our sick in hospitals and homes, providing transportation to those unable to get around, donating blood, or just lending an ear to someone who may be in pain or suffering a loss.

WHY do we do this? Because, we believe and profess in LOVING OUR NEIGHBOUR!

CHARITY ALONG WITH UNITY, FRATERNITY AND PATRIOTISM are the underpinnings of our fraternal organization.

To quote an excerpt of his prayer recognizing our Family and living the virtue  of Charity, composed by our Supreme Chaplain Bishop William Lori he  writes,

“In our daily life and work, may we reflect the self-giving love which you, O Father, eternally show with your son and the Holy Spirit.” (See the Family Prayer, prayer card inserted in the April 2013 issue of Columbia magazine.)

 Although I am writing to the converted, my thanks are to ALL of You on behalf of those who have experienced Our outreach of service and charity. You made the last two years a wonderful and Faith filled experience!

As we continue all our great works let us take time to celebrate Life.   May-June  is a time we celebrate first Communions, Mother’s Day, Graduations and weekend events with Family.  Catch the spring spirit in the air and let it remind you of the Holy Spirit within us all as we approach the feast of Pentecost.


On May the 9th a chartered bus will be attending the March for Life in Ottawa, departing from St Paul the Apostle 9:30AM please support this Catholic Womens’ League and Knights of Columbus initiative in this Year of Faith.   For more information click here.

Let me conclude with a hymn verse taken from the United Church.

“Go now in Peace.  Never be afraid.  God will go with you each hour of every day.  Go now in Faith, steadfast, strong and true.  Know He will guide you in all you do.  Go now in Love, and show you Believe.  Reach out to others so all the world can see.  God will be there watching from above.  Go now in Peace, in Faith and Love.”

 In Service to One.  In Service to All.

 Vivat  Jesus.

Grand Knight Terry Finn



The Junior arm of the Knights of Columbus is the Squires and the emblem that they display is:


The Squires emblem includes a Maltese cross upon which are the letters ”P.” (physical fitness); ”I.” (intellectual development); ”S.” (spiritual growth and the practice of our faith); and ”C” (citizenship and civic life). The large letters ”C.” and ”S.” intertwined with the cross respectively represent Christ and Squires. The ”K.” centered on the cross symbolizes the Knights of Columbus. Esto Dignus, the Squires’ motto encircling the emblem, is Latin for ”Be Worthy.”



Breakfast after Mass April 28th in Memory of Lydia Knock

Brother Knights,
An invitation below for the Ladies of the Parish, including the wives of the Knights.

There will be a breakfast at Ramekins on April 28 after the 9:00 Mass for Lydia Knock. We would like to invite the Legion of Mary, the Prayer Shawl Ministry, the wives of the Knights, the RCIA ladies.  Please RSVP to Theresa Stafford or confirm your attendance by registering on the sign up sheet that will be available at the back of church this weekend, April 20th and 21st.

1st Degree

A First Degree is scheduled for Sunday, April 28th, 2013
at the St. Paul the Apostle Parish Church Hall.

Prospective candidates should arrive at the Church
by 1:30 p.m.

The Degree will commence at 2:00 p.m.

April General Meeting

Brother Knights let me wish you and your Family(s) and Friend(s) a Holy and Blessed Easter!!

At our April General Meeting we will be opening the floor for nominations for Executive positions for the Fraternal Year July 1st 2013 to June 30th 2014. This is a meeting I would ask all my Brother Knights to attend. You may nominate yourself or have someone nominate you and in the event you may be unable to attend and wish to have your name stand for nomination please contact me. Here is a list of those positions open for election:

Grand Knight – Deputy Grand Knight – Chancellor – Treasurer – Recorder – Advocate –
Warden(s) – Inside Guard(s) – Trustee.

The April meeting is for nominations only and elections for the nominated positions will occur at our May Meeting. Please consider to let your name stand and for additional information on these positions please review one of the files below.

Council Officer and Director Duties –
Power Point format
PDF format

Grand Knight Terry Finn