July Message

The Fraternal Year Begins

I am still humbled at the thought that you, my Brother Knights, have elected me as your Grand Knight for this next fraternal year. I look forward to working with our newly installed Council Executive, and I also extend a sincere thank you to those of you who are the outgoing Executives.

Ours is a vibrant, active Council. We have a history of achieving some impressive goals, with more to come! The recent addition of the annual golf tournament to our events has already helped several local groups, and most recently provided a contribution to the Refugee Fund of our parish.

Attend the degrees as often as you can, since there is always something that you take away as food for thought.  It is important too that we support our candidates through the degrees, attend with them through their journey, and help them to become active members of our Council.

Over the next few weeks I will be consulting with as many Brother Knights as I can in an effort to appoint the directors we need to lead our council programs. We have many able bodies and a wealth of experience to draw from within our Council, so I am confident that over the summer we will be able to schedule our events, and as early as possible begin to organize them.

In closing, here is a quote from Pope Francis that we can take to heart –

If we believe in the free and generous action of the Spirit, we are able to understand one another well and work together to serve society better, and to contribute to peace in a decisive way.   (12/1/14)

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight 


May Message

‘We are all called to serve’

This has been and continues to be a key message within the Knights of Columbus. For the past five years, the members of our Council have put both trust and faith in me to serve at a level, only six years ago I would never have imagined was possible. For this and to each of you, I am forever humbled and grateful.

As I look back, two years as Deputy Grand Knight and three years as Grand Knight, I find it necessary to review some accomplishments. Firstly, I believe together we have removed any stigma that might have once existed about our Council being ‘an Old boys Club’. As I have shared and witnessed the many activities, actions of support and compassion, it is evident to me that we are anything but ‘an old boys club’. We have worked hard at ensuring a message of being inclusive to the whole family has prevailed. It is important that we continue to build on this message.

Secondly, an approach of bringing more faith development into our meetings has reinforced our true need of guidance from the Holy Spirit. This has never mattered more than when disagreements and certain crossroads have challenged us. But as Catholic gentlemen we are able to ‘dust ourselves off’ and pick up, working together to ensure, we always come back through unity to reach one common goal. I wish to extend my heartfelt thank you to Father Leo for his leadership in bringing these lessons of Faith into the forefront of our service.

Another area of accomplishment has been working closer with adjacent Councils. Assisting Council 7883 from Napanee with the Basketball Free-throw, as well as participating in a District Bingo evening, are two examples of expanding relationships with neighboring brothers.

Finally, I encourage all of us to support the new Grand Knight and his Executive with the respect needed to serve our God, with the true mission as set out by the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney. It is important that we not lose sight of the success of our Council and always explore ways to improve our service.

In closing, it has truly an honour to have met many of you and learn from your many talents. I can honestly say that having involved myself at this leadership level has only helped me to grow more compassionately and spiritually. I will now take my own lessons from this experience and go out and find new adventurous ways to spread the good name of our Order. Peace to all.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight

March Message

‘Jesus wants you to carry on his work.’

This quote is from Matthew Kelly’s book ‘ Rediscover Jesus’. What prevents us from completely and unconditionally fulfilling this one want of Jesus?

We now find ourselves in the midst of Lent 2016. Personally over the last many years I have found Lent to be a beautiful time of reflection and soul cleansing. It often comes however with moments of tears. More importantly though, it gives me a time to pause and give thanks for all the good in my life. Remember no matter how bad things seem they can always be worse! This alone gives a purpose to be grateful.

I find, that no matter how many books I read, or words I write, the real challenge for me personally is creating action of what I hear and see. Is this the same for you? I know I have my set of excuses and some are really good too! When I let my emotions get the best of me, I behave in a manner that I do not want to ‘rock the boat’. I most certainly do not want to show my vulnerability. Is this you as well?

I have concluded one thing. Getting to know Jesus is the only key to the gateway of true peace and love of both He and my fellowman. I am often not where I should be. I am a sinner that needs help. Do I try? Yes I do, but not without falling down, only needing to be picked back up. Is it the same for you too?

We are all called to experience Jesus in our own personal way. Free will is a beautiful gift given to us. Remember mostly who gave us this gift. To turn our back on the gift giver and not allow his love to pour into our soul, gives reason to slow down, pause and begin our personal journey. It is never to late!

We listen over and over that no matter how great our sin, Jesus will be there for us. Does this alone not give reason to know Jesus better? Who is this, that He can have such forgiveness? Without accepting or trying to understand, how can we ‘carry on his work’? Consider using this Lenten season as your own personal journey and may the Peace be with you!

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight

Renewal and Hope

I would like to begin by wishing each of you, your families and friends a Happy New Year.

Two words come to mind as we embark on this journey through 2016. Firstly, RENEWAL is a word that requires action. Put aside the topic of resolutions and instead let us think RENEWAL. Each of us in our own personal journey, are continually invited to explore and strengthen our faith. Making efforts to get back to our core virtues will truly define who we are and where we are going. The result of this action will allow us to be a key ingredient in an overall recipe to renew the world.

The second word that comes to my mind is HOPE. Without HOPE we have nothing, to offer others and ourselves. Dreams are quashed and our RENEWAL will be left with little purpose. History can show and demonstrate how HOPE is key to moving towards God’s unconditional love. With the embrace of this love, evil in our world will always loose the war.

We here at St. Paul the Apostle Parish are a shining example of how RENEWAL and HOPE are expressed in an effective way. Whether it be sponsoring a Refugee family or increasing our efforts to ensure the wider community is always welcome in our Parish, to attend events or even Mass. This action gives cause and reason to show each individual how RENEWAL and HOPE can change their lives and the world we live in.

In conclusion, I ask each of us to pause and define what a RENEWAL can do for us in 2016. Explore the many opportunities offered at St. Paul the Apostle parish or where ever you may be throughout the coming year. Bring these tools and lessons back into our personal lives and our Council and I assure you that together we will all change the world.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight


November Message

‘A church that limits itself to just carrying out administrative duties, caring for it’s tiny flock, is a church that in the long run will get sick.’
Pope Francis

The above quote can most certainly open a good and reasonable dialogue, and this in itself is positive and good. However turning positive dialogue into an action plan is another thing all together.

As many of you are already aware, our parish is entering into ‘uncharted waters’. A firm decision has been made to sponsor a refugee family. Having made a decision like this most certainly ensures as a Parish we are willing to take a risk to ensure we will not ‘get sick’.

Recently, I had been asked to send out a request of needs in three areas to our members. Firstly, that we pray for the needed support and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, explore ways for our Council to support this refugee family. Finally, explore and ask individual Knights and their families how they can assist.

Over the coming month, I intend to strike a committee to explore the second and third needs request. However, for now I will leave you with a special prayer, that each of us should become familiar with to help guide us on this journey.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight


Prayer for Ministry in Support of Refugees
St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Kingston, ON

We remember the Holy Family
who were themselves refugees.

We remember the words of Jesus.
“Love one another as I have loved you.”

We listen to Pope Francis calling us to have open
hearts for all people beginning with the poor and suffering.

We listen to the words of St. Teresa of Avila,
that we must be the hands and feet of Christ on this earth.

As we prepare to pray we commit ourselves to
welcoming and supporting a family of refugees torn
from their home, their families and everything familiar.

Merciful Father,
Open our hearts to receive and embrace refugees
as our sisters and brothers in whose faces we see
the face of your Son Jesus. Help them find with us a
new home and new hope as did the Holy Family in
Nazareth. Guide our work and bring us together in
peace, in justice and in love through Christ our Lord.


September Message

September/October Newsletter Report

I decided that this message would be less about motivating and more about Protocol. I have experienced over my last two terms many, many good things. It would however be wrong of me, if I did not mention, that there have also been very low points, which cause much grief and concern, not only for myself as your chosen leader, but for the very members involved.

I am most concerned when I witness or hear things that need to ‘be put in check’. You have often read in my messages about coming back out to the various degrees and re-witness them. I say this because, for me it is like coming back to Mass, week after week. I or should I say we, need to be re-filled. We are all human; we all carry our own forms of weaknesses. Remember mostly we are broken and require repair work to keep us well tuned. Kind of like a car, right!

After having spent the last two terms as your Grand Knight, I can now reflect on the challenge to balance the needs of our membership. At the same time, ensuring Programs move forward in order to re-enforce the principles of our Order. I am also of the belief that each member enters into an organization, like the Knights of Columbus with every good intention of their heart. To say anything else would be slanderous in its very nature.

With all this being said, as your Grand Knight, I ask you consider the advice, passed onto me by our Worthy Advocate. To sum it up in one word, it is ‘RESPECT’.

= Relationship with all

= Everyone counts

= Support our members

= Please and thank you

E= Encourage and motivate

= Care for our members

= Treat members as God asks us to ‘love our neighbour’

I encourage each member to know who the various Directors and Chairs are. If you are unsure, ask me or our Financial Secretary. Treat each of them with RESPECT, and remember many Directors have been appointed by me. So not respecting them, in return is not respecting your Grand Knight.

If we all follow this simple measure of Protocol, I am sure, with all certainty that we as a Council will uphold the Mission bestowed onto us. Remember, mostly why you became a Knight. Our teamwork will reinforce our Principles.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight

July Message


If God can work through me, he can work through anyone’
St. Francis of Assisi

A new fraternal year has begun. A newly appointed board is in place. Some key appointments have been made and accepted. The work continues, as it does every month and every year. How exciting it is to be a part of a great Order that serves the people. A true mission and gift handed to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Firstly, I wish to thank all, who have put trust in me to serve as your Grand Knight for a third year. We have much work to do, and I would guess that my task is more like being a coach and or a cheerleader to ensure we reach a win with every challenge given to us.

Our membership is aging, as a result it is our individual duty, young and old to understand how we can use our personal limitations, to the betterment of those we serve. The time is now to act and bring the Principals of our Order to a living action. I have so often spoke in ways to motivate our inner spirit into outward and living action. As mentioned by St. Francis of Assisi, God is in each of us, allow him to use our physical body and mind to do his will.

You have also heard me say there are no judgments on how little or how much one does to contribute to our good works. We each have our challenges and barriers. It could be physical, it could be family needs. No matter what it is that holds us back, then I would ask you to ask yourself this one question. Why did I decide to join the Knights of Columbus?

We can talk about recruitment and all those good things. However, if we have forgotten our own personal mission with the Knights, how then do we sell it to others?

One final note is to remember your families. Encourage their involvement at our events and activities. If they are involved, you as a Knight will have less guilt as they will be with you in the good works of our Order. Think also that by being a leader in your own household will spread the good works of Charity to those closest to you. Remember God can work through anyone.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight


A Special Announcement

Tony Vella

As most of you may have heard by now, our Council has, for the second time this year, suffered another loss amongst our group. Brother Tony Vella departed from this life on June 27, 2015.

As Grand Knight, I had the chance to meet and speak with Brother Tony on many occasions during my tenure including the evening before his passing. For those who are not aware Brother Tony had a Great Uncle (St. George Preca) who was Canonized a Saint on June 3, 2007. One evening early this June, Brother Ray Smith and I sat down with Brother Tony to discuss his Nativity Project. As he spoke about his story and vision, I paused and asked, should I be so worthy to sit here with what I believe is yet another Saint! You see, God calls all of us to be Saints and worthy servants. Some may reach the glory of Canonization, yet there are those amongst us who just humbly carry out God’s will without ever being recognized. In my eyes these are the special ones. There are so many of our past and recently departed that fit in this category; I am truly grateful for having met and shared a small part of my life with each of them.

All Brother Tony asked of our Council was to consider taking on his vision with the Nativity Project. What was his vision? To sum it up from my perspective, it was to engage and evangelize communities by using education and art through the Nativity. Two days before Brother Tony passed, he shared with me his two concerns and worries. The first was his wife Connie. You see, he did not want her to worry about his well-being; it was, in fact, his concern for her own strength and health to get through God’s will. His second concern was the Nativity project. He feared that when he passed on, so too would the Nativity project die. What was inspiring to me was that at no point did he express concern for himself. You see, in some small way I believe he knew he was in good hands.

After sharing these worries with me, I took a moment to express to Brother Tony, firstly that we, his brother Knights, will, in fact, keep in touch with Connie. As with all our widows and widowers it is our duty to take care and be a support when needs arise, whatever that may entail. The second reassurance I gave him was that our Council will adopt the Nativity project and see it carry on and through time expand. His vision will play out as God wills it.

In closing, although Brother Tony’s passing was untimely and an initial shock for me, I pause to reflect on all our departed Brothers whom I have met through their illness. I think of Brother Don Doherty, Brother Mel Kealy and Brother Tim Culletin in particular. I can humbly and honestly say that spending time with each of them gave me a renewed strength and peace to carry on.

Brothers, as your Grand Knight, I am now asking that we take up the challenge of the Nativity Project. I am seeking a volunteer base and would ask that you contact me directly at 613-217-8220 or asnrje6@gmail.com to sign up for this worthy project. The work begins now!

Vivat Jesus,

Scott Arnold
Grand Knight

May Message


Time has come that allows each of you to have a say on the future direction of our Council. As many of you are already aware, our General meeting on May the 5th will also be our elections for new officers. I would encourage each member to become involved in this process. Like any democracy this is an opportunity to either get involved or encourage others to take up a new challenge.

The process is simple, should you wish to nominate yourself or another member the following steps are to be taken. Firstly, you must be a third degree member in good standing. Secondly, attend the meeting on Election night, when the position of interest comes up make the nomination known to the nominations committee. Once all nominations are in, each candidate will be asked if they wish to have their name stand. If there are more than two confirmed candidates, an election is held amongst all members present at the meeting.

If for whatever reason you, or the candidate you wish to nominate cannot attend the meeting, it is imperative that the desire to stand for election is made known. This is done preferably in writing or alternatively verbally to the present Grand Knight or your nominee.

In other news, another State Convention is now behind us. Before leaving for the convention, you will recall I asked each of you to provide me with feedback on the resolutions to be brought forward at the convention. I was genuinely pleased with the responses I received. This was important to me to know what our member’s position, on each resolution was. I truly felt that, when I voted, it was on behalf of our members, not my own personal feeling.

It has been my pleasure to serve as your Grand Knight for a second term. Seeing the hard work preformed amongst our members humbled me. My eyes, ears and heart have been opened throughout this journey.

If I could leave you with one last thought, it would be, the message brought forward by our State Deputy over this past month. We are all called to be Good Shepherds. Let us look long and hard for the lost sheep within our council. Let us provide them with the friendship, comfort and compassion they each so deserve. Through this action they will most surely come home.

Vivat Jesus,
Scott Arnold
Grand Knight

March Message


Lent, a time of reflection and a time of risk. We hear the same message year after year, and yet like going to the confessional or attending Mass, we need a constant reminder of our failings.

The challenge for each of us is to accept God’s unconditional love, even with our faults. Accepting and receiving Jesus into our hearts, is the healing we so need and yearn for.

This Lent I am proud to say that our Council is working hard to give us a forum to explore tools, allowing each of us to move closer to walk with Jesus more freely.

The first event we will hold is a joint sponsorship with The Catholic Woman’s League. On March 5th a Retreat will take place at St. Paul the Apostle, beginning with a light meal at 6 p.m. in the Hall. It is important to note that this retreat is open to all parishioners.

The second event we will host is, the Stations of the Cross on Friday, March 27th in the Church beginning at 7 p.m..

Our Parish is very much alive. Although we have our own sponsored events, other groups are holding their own, as well. There are many opportunities such as Faith Development on Tuesday evenings, First Friday Adoration, and Stations of the Cross each Friday, throughout Lent. These events and times of spiritual reflection are open to all parishioners. I encourage each of our members to look at the Church Bulletin for these and other ways to explore your own personal Lenten journey. Take up the Cross and know you are loved and not alone.

Vivat Jesus,

Scott Arnold
Grand Knight