Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

For users of the new Windows 10 operating system, we have some news for you.
Please read the following BEFORE PROCEEDING…

First of all, your new default browser is called Microsoft Edge.  It is  a “lightweight” internet browser that does not allow for any Active-X addons such as the one for Adobe Acrobat.  For that reason, the end result is that you can neither open nor save the PDF files that are available on this website.

In Edge, here is what  you will see.  First you choose to click the link: Select Link

Where do you end up? Why here, of course:  “Couldn’t open PDF”.Error

Another thing to notice is that if you right-click a link in Edge, you will see a menu that looks like this:
Edge MenuHave you noticed that most of your familiar menu items are gone?  There is no “Save Target As” option for example.  Even if you choose “Open in new window” you will end up on the error screen shown above.

Fear not my fellow browser users!
Microsoft has provided a solution that was installed right inside of Windows 10.
It is the Internet Explorer 11 browser!

In  most cases, you can find your IE 11 browser in this path on your computer:
c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

If you open Internet Explorer 11 and return to our site, then the right-click menu that you should see would look like this:
IE11 MenuSo there you have it – Internet Explorer 11 will give you the functionality that is missing from Microsoft Edge, and it should already be on your computer since it was installed with Windows 10.

Beyond the Microsoft solution, we have also tested Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers, all of which can already handle Adobe Acrobat PDF files, or can be configured to do so.

Happy browsing!