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Information from our Worthy Grand Knight.

May Message

Brother Knights –

As two years of being Grand Knight of our council winds down there is much to be grateful for.

At every turn along the way there has always been someone there to provide guidance, suggestions and action!  It has been proof that as Knights we are never walking this path alone.  I appreciate the support that I have received from each and every one of you!

I thank every member of the executives that I have served with for their reliable and constantly extraordinary efforts and participation. You all know that our Worthy Financial Secretary, Br. Dale, is the anchor of our council, and his efforts do not go unnoticed.

Several members had pointed out that we seemed to have lost our religious focus, and that the meetings are too much about business.  I appreciate the effort of Brother Jim to introduce a decade of the Rosary that we pray together at the beginning of our meetings.  Likewise, Br. Martin reminded us that we should also include a Prayer for Life at our meetings, and that has become part of our closing prayers.

I am grateful for all of you who have organized, executed and participated in the many events that we as a council have put on.  Special thanks to the Program Directors and event organizers. It is an amazing number of volunteer hours that we offer as a council to accomplish the various school programs, parish events and other things that we do.

Please join me in supporting our Grand Knight Elect as he guides our council forward.

Here is a quote from the Introduction of Lifelines: Inspirational Stories of Women of Faith that was brought to my attention, and I hope it will help us to move ahead:

“As we take hold of the lifelines of hope and faith from others,
we are saved from our own tendencies to place limitations on what is possible.”


Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

March Message

Brother Knights,

On Ash Wednesday this year, Pope Francis called for three verbs to be put into practice this Lent: to pause, to see and to return, in order to feel warmth in the heart again.

“Pause from this compulsion to a fast-paced life that scatters, divides and ultimately destroys time with family, with friends, with children, with grandparents, and time as a gift… time with God.

See and contemplate the real face of Christ crucified out of love for everyone, without exception. For every-one? Yes, for everyone.

Return without fear, for this is the favourable time to come home, to the home of my Father and your Father. It is the time for allowing one’s heart to be touched… Remaining on the path of evil only gives rise to disappointment and sadness.”

In other news, we have been planning several upcoming events, and many will be found in the Knightly News.  As always, we will need your help to be successful. By the way, we are looking for golfers for the upcoming tournament in June…

Looking ahead, think about becoming an executive member of your council. Our nominations are in April, and the election is in May.

Now, we look forward to celebrating Easter – the Resurrection of our Lord!

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

January Message

Brother Knights,

What a year we have seen, and what a year we have ahead! Once more I thank every one of you for your support of and participation in our many events of 2017. There is much more to come!

I would like to draw your attention to the our annual Ladies Appreciation Night coming in early February. Please plan to attend. There is already planning under way for the Fish Fry, the Steak BBQ and the Golf Tournament to name a few. The Charities Lottery tickets will be available soon. The Basketball Free-throw competition is under way as well. Please attend our regular meetings when you can to learn more about these and other things that your council is doing. I encourage every one of us to participate in as many of these events as we can to support our parish, the youth and the community through our events. Your help and participation are appreciated!

Pope Francis recently tweeted this thought that I will leave with you:

“May the Lord grant us the wisdom to seek that which is worthwhile
and to love, not with our words but with our actions.”

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

November Message

Brother Knights,

The very beginning of December will bring us to the start of Advent, the time of anticipation and
preparation for the birth of our Saviour! The Council’s annual ‘Light Up For Christ’, the lighting of
the church Nativity Scene, will take place ahead of the first Advent Mass, the 5 p.m. Mass on December 2nd.

We have our Memorial Mass coming soon, to be followed by Pub Night. It may sound strange,
but that will bring us close to the end of our liturgical year! Soon you will see Christmas Cards and Christmas cakes, but watch for the for the coming Nativity Exhibition in the church hall.

It is so easy to get caught in the rush of this time of year. We often hear “Keep Christ In Christmas” in our Knights of Columbus programs. Let that not be an empty phrase, but rather let us keep it as our focus.

I wish to thank all of you and your spouses, families and friends who have helped to make our recent events successful.

My prayer for Brother Knights and their families:

                           May we really focus on Christ in this season of peace and forgiveness

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

September Message

Brother Knights,

We have arrived once again at a time of changes. We are nearing the end of summer and beginning a new school year. We still have some unfinished business, and yet we are looking ahead to things to come.

I extend a warm welcome to our new Pastor, Father Sebastian Amato, who will become our new council Chaplain!

What is coming up soon? Well, there will be several school barbecues that our brother Knights will be found helping at. Our Spaghetti supper is coming in October, so watch for a call for volunteer helpers soon. Our planning continues, and your help is needed and appreciated as always.

I was reviewing some of the tweets that Pope Francis has shared with the world, and this one from three years ago caught my eye, and might resonate with you as well:

“The Lord always forgives us and walks at our side. We have to let him do that.”
– Pope Francis, August 30, 2014, via Twitter

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

A new beginning

As I look back on my first year as your Grand Knight, I am grateful for all of the support that you have given to me, but more importantly for the support that you have given each other. It has been an interesting fraternal year with several challenges along the way, but having said that, we were successful in running most of our events up to and including the recent Steak BBQ.

I thank the outgoing members of our executive for their help and guidance through the year, and I welcome the newly elected members, and trust that we will all work together moving forward. Most importantly, thank you Father Leo for your many years of service, not only as our Chaplain, but as our Pastor. We all wish you well in your retirement!

I hope to have our various directors in place shortly, and we will be setting up our calendar of events very soon. Moving forward, keep an eye open to see what we are doing and to see if you can offer some assistance. Become a member of a team with us by sharing some time and having some fun!

Back in April, Pope Francis participated by video link at the TED conference in Vancouver. Here is a little part of it that caught my attention, and might catch yours as well:

“In order to do good, we need memory, we need courage and we need creativity. […] Yes, love does require a creative, concrete and ingenious attitude. Good intentions and conventional formulas, so often used to appease our conscience, are not enough. Let us help each other, all together, to remember that the other is not a statistic or a number. The other has a face. The “you” is always a real presence, a person to take care of.”

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

March Message

Brother Knights,

While the Knights hand out lots of awards and certificates to our members and others in the
community, there are three that are very special and are given out at our annual Ladies Appreciation Night Dinner. Congratulations to the recipients of the 2016 awards that were
announced at our Ladies Appreciation Dinner – Lady of the Year, Kay Callery, Knight of the
Year, Garry Davis, and Knights’ Family of the Year, the Forster Family, Marie and Christopher

There are several upcoming events for our council but the one I want to mention is the
Charity Partner Golf Tournament. We have selected the St. Vincent de Paul Society of
Kingston as our partner this year, and we are working toward and looking forward to the event
to be held on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017. More information to follow!

Pope Francis concluded his homily for the beginning of Lent this year with this thought:
“Lent is a time to start breathing again… the time to open our hearts to the breath of the One
capable of turning our dust to humanity.” Let Lent be a time where we can draw closer to

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

A New Year

Brother Knights,

Looking back at 2016, there were many activities that took place with many members involved, and for that I am grateful. Watch for the “Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity” coming soon to help record our volunteer hours for last year.

Looking ahead to 2017, it is a special milestone – Canada’s 150th anniversary! For our council, the new year brings many activities to organize and participate in. I encourage all of us to jump in and help in any way that we can to support our parish, the youth and the community through our events.

Included in the first reading on New Year’s Day is a beautiful, timeless prayer that the Lord asks Moses to pass on to Aaron, the Chief Priest, to say over the Israelites. This is my prayer for you and your families:

“The Lord bless you and keep you.
The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you.
The Lord lift his countenance upon you and grant you peace.”

Peace and goodwill to all the members of Council 9652 and their families!

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

A Time of Change

After an uneventful summer, the pace of Council activities picks up, and with it the need for members to get involved. September is a time of many changes. For many families this includes a first day at school, first day of university or college often away from home.

Along with changes come challenges, personal and otherwise. At our Council level, we are heading into what is arguably the busiest time of our fraternal year.

We have many different programs that run practically at the same time, and as always we need feet on the ground to make these things happen. Please give some thought to the calls for help that will come from our various program leaders.

We have:

  • a Holy Family Icon travelling through the area
  • a Parish Pub Night and a Spaghetti Supper coming up
  • the Nativity Exhibition and the Nativity Scene for the church
  • the State Charities Raffle
  • the Keep Christ in Christmas card sales

. . . the list goes on.

We are looking for volunteers, yes, and we are looking for three Activities Directors as well: Family, Community and Culture of Life. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a Director for our Council, please let me know.

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight

July Message

The Fraternal Year Begins

I am still humbled at the thought that you, my Brother Knights, have elected me as your Grand Knight for this next fraternal year. I look forward to working with our newly installed Council Executive, and I also extend a sincere thank you to those of you who are the outgoing Executives.

Ours is a vibrant, active Council. We have a history of achieving some impressive goals, with more to come! The recent addition of the annual golf tournament to our events has already helped several local groups, and most recently provided a contribution to the Refugee Fund of our parish.

Attend the degrees as often as you can, since there is always something that you take away as food for thought.  It is important too that we support our candidates through the degrees, attend with them through their journey, and help them to become active members of our Council.

Over the next few weeks I will be consulting with as many Brother Knights as I can in an effort to appoint the directors we need to lead our council programs. We have many able bodies and a wealth of experience to draw from within our Council, so I am confident that over the summer we will be able to schedule our events, and as early as possible begin to organize them.

In closing, here is a quote from Pope Francis that we can take to heart –

If we believe in the free and generous action of the Spirit, we are able to understand one another well and work together to serve society better, and to contribute to peace in a decisive way.   (12/1/14)

Vivat Jesus!

Ray Smith
Grand Knight