A Father and Son Journey in Faith

Brother Knights,

At the time that I am writing this I have been working with my youngest son Liam on his preparation for his first Communion and Reconciliation. I recently purchased a book to help him and me through this process and am finding that this time in his life serves as a reminder to me of those things that many of us learned early in our lives in catechism as children and just how different my understanding is now as opposed to as a child. Not only that, but the insight of children with their understanding can be very enlightening. In a world where you hear more and more of people refusing to or, not believing, to hear an 8-year-old explain why he believes in, and loves God is showing me that there may yet still be hope for the survival of our faith.

I recently took him out of class to witness the Mass of the Immaculate Conception at St. Mary’s, where he was able to experience the organ, incense, Archbishop, and most of the Priests of our Archdiocese in the largest Mass he’s ever attended. We got to be present with a holy relic at that time as well.

I’ve been lucky enough as well to have access to the Vella collection while it was set up, to take him and his sister through some of the nativities. He enjoyed finding the differences from the different cultures and getting an understanding as to the history of why. When we were in southwestern Ontario, he was able to see the nativity at the church that his mother was baptized at. Unfortunately, the church was closed while we were there so we couldn’t go inside this time.

I have noticed for the last two years he has been paying very close attention to Mass and the readings each week. He asks questions which make me think as well. Liam has pushed me to continue to explore my faith further and has deepened my love of Christ. We look forward to continuing our faith journey together as we prepare for his first communion this year. I find that this journey with my son has been educational for me more than anyone and I wouldn’t trade this time for the world. To see the level of understanding and faith within my child is the most uplifting feeling. Please pray for us.

Vivat Jesus!

Ryan Polywkan
Grand Knight

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