I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work over the last months with regards to our involvement within the schools of our parish, Mother Theresa, Archbishop O’Sullivan, St. Marguerite Bourgeoys, and St. John XXIII.

In January we got underway with the annual Basketball Free Throw competition at all four of these schools with the assistance of many brother Knights from council. Then last month we held judging of the Substance Abuse Posters by a group of Knights who judged posters that were submitted by the schools of our parish as well. In both of these school projects that we support as Knights, the children and teachers took on these tasks and treated them as though they were part of the curriculum.

For those of us lucky enough to take part in the BBFT in particular, the energy and enjoyment that we saw in the kids is what makes this all worthwhile. Recently I have had the honour of attending the school masses of each of these parish schools to hand out awards to those who have won in their age group. This has been an outstanding way to recognize these achievement’s from within the parish that we call home and for the kids and staff to associate us visually as a part of this parish.

The one thing I keep hearing from teachers and principals is how great and fitting it is to do these presentations when the whole school is gathered together for Mass and to see that those of us that the kids have seen in their schools are active members of St. Paul’s. Our group of faithful men we call Knights are being seen and are being associated with being active faithful members of our faith by the children, the future of our faith, and their teachers who guide them.

Let us continue to be a shining example of a Catholic lifestyle to strive for. Thank you to all brother Knights who have helped in these two projects and a huge thank you to Br. Shaun Tymchuk for your leadership and organization of both the BBFT and Substance Abuse Awareness Poster contest.

Vivat Jesus!

Ryan Polywkan
Grand Knight

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